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We at Realvolve push new features, enhancements and bug fixes to production i.e. live many times per day without taking site offline or without the need to show maintenance pages except for the largest, most complex feature releases. We follow the "Continuous Delivery" methodology and thus we do lots of "little" deployments quite often. Our average monthly uptime is 99.71% based on a 12 month Pingdom report and 99.99% for the last 3 months. Thank you for your continued support and suggestions in making Realvolve a great product.

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Apr 19, 2018

Apr 18, 2018


    • Added the Print to PDF feature in an individual contact and view all screen.
    • Message change when sending automated emails to contacts that are not 'Active' to prevent confusion.
      "There are no contacts associated with this Activity or the 'Active Contact' field is currently set to 'No' preventing active correspondence.


    • Corrected merge field issues in editor screen on preview.
    • Corrected PropertyStatus and ClientsAttending merge fields.

Apr 16, 2018


    • Fixed issue of missing attachments in an email when attaching any new files from action emails (activity completion)
    • Allow manual edit of schedule date from an activity and workflow screen.

Apr 14, 2018


    • iPad - Responsive UI Fixes
    • Display more than 20 transactions in MyAccount > Get Transactions > Subscription Transactions

Apr 12, 2018


    • Corrected issue for saving MLS number via checklist.

Apr 09, 2018


    • Added option to copy all files from Property to Transaction when a transaction is created from a property when the status changes from Active to Pending.

Apr 05, 2018


    • corrected issue to copy tags on templates when installing packages.

Apr 03, 2018


    • Fixed issue with building address for transactions via CSV import. 

Mar 29, 2018


    • Accept dates from Zapier in MM/DD/YYYY or YYY/MM/DD format only.

Mar 27, 2018


    • Open contact in new browser tab when name is clicked in contact cross section - this keeps the user on the same screen after viewing a contact.
    • Changed colors of contact cross section in filter mode to reflect same colors as unfiltered screen.


    • Corrected issue for updating multiple fields with home/work category.
    • Google Drive - corrected problem where some files were not syncing

Mar 26, 2018


    • Added spellchecker to template editor to allow red underline features in browser.
    • Added CC/BCC option in Actions
    • Send automated emails from users default email setting instead of sendgrid.

Mar 22, 2018


    • Show header, footer, signature and current dates when using preview button on templates.

Mar 21, 2018


    • Corrected workflows for birthday tasks when birthdate is not set for contact.
    • Corrected workflow issue when linked contact for user is not assigned.
    • Backfill address when processing from Zapier contacts.

Mar 20, 2018


    • Allow user ot import more than 10 mapped fields for Notes and Tags.

Mar 19, 2018


    • Corrected email validation issue preventing emails from displaying in email tab when using mixed cases.
    • Corrected signature template issue when signature didn't have a body.

Mar 15, 2018


    • Corrected CSS for team report printing

Mar 12, 2018


    • Enable [Preview] and [Send] buttons if email template has no text but only background image.
    • Fixed issue with session timeout extension message box.
    • Corrected Activity note issue from calendar preventing notes from being added.

Mar 09, 2018


    • Avoid backfilling address by Geocoder if address was entered by user.

Mar 07, 2018


    • Corrected issue for stopping workflows while completing automatic actions.
    • Set default font family and font size for enhanced template editor.

Mar 06, 2018


    • Added 'Delayed' status to properties
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